4 Trading Strategies

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

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4 Form of best autotrading forex strategies

Best Autotrading Forex Strategies #1

Scalping (avg. less than 8 minutes)

Scalping trader is a very short of trading time strategy. Trader will taking profits on small price changes. They requires a trader to have a strict rule and discipline for exit from position/order besides trades is requires money management to protect large loss.

Best Autotrading Forex Strategies #2

Day Trading (in a day)

Day Trader in general is the long and short of different financial product, for example, Options, Forex, Future, and Stocks, with the objective of making a good profit between buying price and selling price. It's difference from other trading strategies. The position won't be held overnight, and will be closed when the market being traded is closed.

Best Autotrading Forex Strategies #3

Swing Trading (avg. less than 3 months)

Swing trader is a short term trading strategy. Trader will used trading signal from indicator or chart patterns to execute long or short order.

Best Autotrading Forex Strategies #4

Position Trading (avg. more than 3 months until a year)

A position trader is somebody who holds a position since weeks, months or years. Trader won't be worried about the news in a day except it will impact the big picture in market view behind the stock they are exchanging. Position trader don't execute too many order. They buy and hold in long term position.

Nowadays, many brokers and traders are looking for a EA Forex Robot Trade to handle trades automatically. It will help trader on order execution and money management.


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