Hub - Neuron One 

Neuron One is a masterpiece EA, jointly developed from 9 champion forex traders together with our programmers and software. We approached those 9 champion forex traders, who have almost 10 years-experience in forex trading to corporately generate a powerful EA. During 4 years of developing Neuron One, 9 forex champions have applied their best strategies to our EA. Moreover, our programmers have been optimizing the trading strategies using our ultimate software to maximize the efficiency of EA. We truly ensure that Neuron One is much more beyond those in the market.


Neuron One is highly secured EA, in which profit target and stop loss are clearly set. All strategies inside the EA are developed without hedging, martingale, grid and any other kinds of risky trades. There is no scalping strategy or high execution speed trade. Neuron One is greatly endurable as it passed the test over 15 years with an average of more than 51% profit per year. Through their mindset and our optimization. You can feel safe and secure. Just sit back, relax and watch our 9 champions trade for you!!

Statistics and result of Hub-Neuron One

5 years (backtest)

10 years (backtest)

Myfxbook (Real Account)

Hub-Neuron One in Brief
  • Profit more than 51% per year

  • Maximum drawdown < 20%

  • Passed the test on a period of 15 years

  • No martingale, No hedging, No scalping

  • Stop loss is set for every order


  • Customize risk by yourself

  • Free upgrade

Hub - Neuron One is suitable for:

Hub - Neuron One is NOT suitable for:

 ✔ person who seeks for long-term profit

 ✔ person who is patient 

 ✔ person who needs safe and secured EA

 ✔ person who prefers low risk trades

 ✔ person who wants to customize his own risk  

✘ person who prefers high risk investment

✘ person who wants to get a sudden profit over night

✘ person who cannot stand for any loss at all

✘ person who needs profit on every single month, and cannot admit any loss.


Secure payments by

6 months License

6 Months License

For one account name

Backtest available

Free updates

$ 490

After sale support

1 year license

1 Year License

For one account name

Backtest available

Free updates

$ 690

After sale support

Lifetime License

$ 1690

Lifetime License

For one account name

Backtest available

Free updates

$ 1290

After sale support

Save $400 

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